Dear Gods, I need to sort my shit out!

Or the, ‘How The Hell Did I End Up Back Here?’ blog I didn’t think I’d write

I know exactly how I have ended up back here but there is no point dwelling on the past, or is there? Read more

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 …it’s been a while…again!

But at least this time I haven’t left it months between updates. 

I sometimes think that people forget that blogs/social media updating is not something that HAS to be done on a daily Read more

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Insert snappy title….because I can’t think of one!

I have been trying to think of a way to open this blog post without it sounding attention seeking, whiny or self indulgent, and I apologise in advance as it’s going to be long. 

 I have failed Read more

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Quick check in

I was going to blog today but I am too angry with the world. 

That is not a cry for attention or overstating things, and if you feel I am too sensitive and need to toughen up – Read more

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End of first 4 weeks

So here we are, the end of the first four weeks of ‘sorting my health shit out’…

That phrase seems wrong, cumbersome, unbecoming but, until I come up with something more lyrical that’s what I’m calling it! 

I’m Read more

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Small wins and a short topical rant.

At the moment I feel writing my blog is quite futile. 

 The world is becoming more polarised and scary every day. I tend not to discuss politics and world events on this platform because I think we all Read more

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The good, the bad and the ugly

This last week has been, for the most part, a good week.

Work has been busy, but then it is always busy, and my work day seems to be one long string of Zoom calls. That’s OK, as I Read more

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End of Week Musings

It has been a very busy week at work, although saying ‘at work, in the current climate, feels rather odd. Perhaps ‘with work’ is a better way of putting it.  Even so, other than Saturday, I have managed Read more

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A rare mid week post

So I’m going to try and do a weekly update with this blog…

… (don’t hold me to it, as often life gets in the way and blogging is the furthest thing from my mind most days) but I Read more

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The return….again……sheesh!

So it’s be quite some time since I’ve blogged about, well, anything really.

I have to admit, I have kind of shied away from writing since the studio closed and I went back into full time employment.

It has Read more

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