Krissie Kirby

Singer/Songwriter, Voice Actor, Twitch Streamer, cosplayer, fitness buff and proud Nerd.
All you need to know about our Welsh Wonder Woman 

Life is a Cabaret old chum...

Krissie has been a performer since she could walk. From playing dress up and mimicking well known personalities such as Shirley Bassey, Margaret Thatcher and the then Prince Charles as a child, to name just a few, to the inevitable inclusion in nativity plays, onto secondary school drama club. It is little wonder Krissie went on to be a performer with over 30 years experience.  Krissie cut much of her performance chops on the cabaret circuit of South Wales, in the late 90s/early 2000s, before joining Soul and Swing bands adding her strong and soulful vocals to the big band sound.

In 2007 while at work in a University, a student called CJ Hale, as she was known back then, invited Krissie to audition for a band and so she became the voice and face of heavy metallers Triaxis. In her almost 10 years of fronting Triaxis, Krissie was co-songwriter and vocalilst on all Triaxis releases, performing across the UK and Europe supporting names such as Queensryche and Blaze Bayley amongst others, with appearances on stages at Hammerfest, Summer Rock and no less than three times at Bloodstock Open Air. 

Krissie now fronts new British Heavy Metal band Rites to Ruin who have released their first EP 'Fire' and are working on writing their debut album.

"Performance is integral to the very essence of my being. I am the most content when I am on stage singing. It is who I am." - Krissie Kirby

The nerd is strong with this one...

Krissie has also been nicknamed 'The Nerd Queen of South Wales' and is very proud of her nerd card holder status. She has a life long obsession with Wonder Woman. She has three (at last update) tattoos of the Amazon Princess and is often seen sporting Wonder Woman clothing and accessories on and off stage. She's also a keen Dungeons & Dragons and TTRPG player and partakes in live action role paying around the country, where she gets to play at being a big goddamn hero. She's a huge fan of Critical Role and Dimension 20 and does not have an addiction to polyhedral dice at all... her collection of shiny maths rocks would say otherwise.

She streams as often as is possible on her Twitch Channel, streaming everything from game play on the PS5 to crafting tablet woven trim and belts, to completing jigsaws. in April 2024, Krissie launched her first podcast 'The Otter Chaos Podcast' where she interviews creatives from all areas of the arts each month. Her wish list is extensive and she hopes to get a few of her idols involved...if their schedules allow.

Krissie also creates a lot of her own costumes and props for cosplay and live action roleplaying. Her pride and joy costume being her replica of the Wonder Woman (2017) film armour as worn by Gal Gadot. ‚ÄčNot afraid of a sewing machine and overlocker, Krissie also makes various dresses, tunics and accessories for LRP as well the odd piece of everyday clothing for herself.  

She has competitively played the X-Wing miniatures table top game in UK and European competitions and has an odd love of jigsaw puzzles.

Krissie is also a fully qualified Personal Trainer, class instructor, kettlebell enthusiast and Nutritionist who has also studied Krav Maga, loves to roller skate on a set of quads and competes in the odd Obstacle Course race, when she has the time.  

And when she's not doing all that, she's is also learning to speak Welsh. 

Voice Acting

Krissie has recently completed her Narration, Commercial and Introduction to Charactors courses with Melissa Thom and Elaine Clark and attends the Bristol Academy of Voice Acting (BRAVA). You can find her demo reels and samples of her work over on her voice acting website