End of first 4 weeks

So here we are, the end of the first four weeks of ‘sorting my health shit out’…

That phrase seems wrong, cumbersome, unbecoming but, until I come up with something more lyrical that’s what I’m calling it! 

I’m also likely to do the odd post on my Adventures in no/Low Alcohol as I’ve decided to reduce my alcohol to the absolute minimum. I started with a Stowford Press Low Alcohol cider. It was nice, a little sweet if I’m honest, but no chemical after taste. Couldn’t drink many of them though because of the sweetness. One for when you fancy a cold cider but don’t want to full hit of the 6% usual stuff. Enjoyable. 

So let’s kick off with my goals:

 Goal 1: Breathe before Stressing

I’ve maintained my 15 mins of meditation before bed. My general bedtime routine, post brushing my teeth of course, is a little reading and then 15 mins of slow, controlled breathing once the lights are out. Usually I fall asleep during this time without thinking about it. other times I don’t but soon drift off after practicing deep diaphragmatic breathing. 

I have also maintained my going into the garden, or standing with the back door ope if it’s raining, and just breathing for 5 mins to help centre and reset myself before I get frustrated at something to do with work, or more recently, current events. 

Goal 2: Swings and Get Ups

So I started with the intention of doing this first thing in the morning before work, but soon opted to take the opportunity to listen to my body which was wanting more sleep. So instead I put a 20kg bell in my games room, which seconds as my working from home office, and between the myriad of zoom calls I have in a day, I aimed to get my 100 swings in. I’ve succeeded in hitting 80% of the month as planned. I have also managed to do get ups every day, although only one on each side most days. That’s OK. They are slowly getting stronger and I aim to add them in post work in month 2. (Goals for month 2 coming at the end). The 20kg is now feeling nice and light, so I’ve now moved the 24kg into the games room. 

Goal 3: Reduce chocolate to 3-4 times a week. 

yeah this one I’ve had no success with, and that’s ok. I am eating way less chocolate than I was. It can still be improved so it’s something to continue working on in Monday 2. 

Goal 4: Lose 8lbs. 

The Tale of the Tape lower down will give an update on this. But this last week went pretty much as I expected with a slight increase at the start and more or less staying the same weight for the whole week.

Goal 5: Reduce my dependency on social media and have at least one social media free day a week.

My screen time is down but I’m still working on the zero social media for one day a week. It’s a work in progress. 

The Tale of the Tape

This will now be the title for the end of month stats in case I decide to only post the stats and nothing else. 
Previous V Current stats: 

  StartingCurrent  Difference -/+
 Bust43″ (109cm) 40.25″ (103.5)-1.75″ (-5.5cm)
 Waist39.5″ (100cm) 37″ (94cm)-2.5″ (-6cm)
 Hips46″ (117cm) 44.5″ (113cm) -1.5″ (-5cm)
 Thigh27″ (68cm) 26.25″ (66.5cm) -0.75″ (-1.5cm)
 Weight204.8lbs (14st 8.8lbs or 93kg) 196.6lbs (14 stone 0.6lbs or 89kg) -8.2lbs (4kg) 
 Body Fat47% 44.4% -2.6% 

So very happy with an overall loss of 8.2lbs or 4kg and 6.5 inches lost in total (18 cm). And that’s just the first month. It’s like I know what I’m doing and the science behind it or something!! And while there doesn’t appear to be much difference in these pictures there are things I can see. 

The stomach and mid-drift are not as pronounced as they once were. The cellulite on the butt is diminishing again (yes you can decrease the appearance of cellulite WITHOUT expensive creams). My shoulders are getting a little more defined. 

These all help to motivate me into the next month. 

So for month 2 the goals are: 

Goal 1: Add in the grinds to my strength training. This means the addition of presses squats and deadlifts. I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I deadlifted 87.5kg for the first time in a long time. In fact I haven’t practiced my deadlifts at all in 12 weeks at least. So was genuinely surprised at my lifting post a kettlebell workout yesterday morning.

Goal 2: Reduce chocolate to 3-4 times a week. 
Let’s try this one again. 

Goal 3: Continue skating and improve my skills. 
I’ve really fallen in love with this again and it forces me our of the house post work. So time to up my skills and aim for as many days as possible, weather permitting. Things to aim to crack in this month:

  • Turning to continue skating in different directions
  • Turning to slide stop

Doesn’t seem much but it does take time to build confidence to do these things. 

Goal 4Lose 6-8lbs
Any thing over 6lbs is a bonus. I’m being sensible again. I know that I will likely see a sharp drop in one week followed by a slight increase again. This journey isn’t linear, but as long as the body fat measurement continues to come down and the strength goes up…then win win. 

So there we have it. 

Hope you’re all doing well and keeping safe. 

As always, be kind to yourselves, you rock, Krissie x

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