Quick check in

I was going to blog today but I am too angry with the world. 

That is not a cry for attention or overstating things, and if you feel I am too sensitive and need to toughen up – do one! I’m not in the mood. 

For those who have been reading the blog, my unending thanks for keeping up. I don’t write these for any other real reason than to keep myself accountable and as a form of journal. As I always state, if they help in some small way that’s wonderful and I am happy I have been able to help. If they don’t, then thank you for reading anyway. 

Week 5 has been all about deadlifts, squats and presses and I am way off where I’d like to be but I will return to busting out 7 presses a side with the 16kg kettlebell in no time I am sure. 

I have maintained practicing my skating and I am enjoying it. 

This morning I weighed 195.2lbs which is 13stone 13.2lbs. I am back under 14stone for the first time in a long time. I am looking forward to getting back under 190lbs.

That’s this week’s update. 

I have nothing left in the tank so I’m going to watch Season 2 of the 70s Wonder Woman TV series and crochet some more. 

Take care of yourselves and be kind to each other as well as yourselves. 
Krissie xx

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