Hi. I’m Krissie. I’m 48 and I Have Depression

CW: Depression and self image/weight issues. Sometimes you just need to get this stuff down somewhere, so why not publicly, Read more
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Oh, hello 2023…

… come on in and sit down.

Let’s have a chat and set the expectation for the year, shall we?

How many of us have had the conversation with ourselves that we can’t heap too much expectation on ourselves Read more

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Covid sucks and then some…

So I have finally had my first brush with covid and I am so very grateful for science and vaccines right now. Thankfully, I have appeared to have had a mild dose of it but, by gods, if this Read more

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Oh hey, an update of sorts…

…and some shameless self promotion.

So, as some may have spotted, my streams have become very haphazard over the last few months. Mainly because there have been so many things going on that I’ve been absolutely shattered so haven’t Read more

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Dear Gods, I need to sort my shit out!

Or the, ‘How The Hell Did I End Up Back Here?’ blog I didn’t think I’d write

I know exactly how I have ended up back here but there is no point dwelling on the past, or is there? Read more

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 …it’s been a while…again!

But at least this time I haven’t left it months between updates. 

I sometimes think that people forget that blogs/social media updating is not something that HAS to be done on a daily Read more

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Insert snappy title….because I can’t think of one!

I have been trying to think of a way to open this blog post without it sounding attention seeking, whiny or self indulgent, and I apologise in advance as it’s going to be long. 

 I have failed Read more

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A late update

Yeah so my head isn’t in blogging at the moment. 

Work is stressful, last week was heartbreaking as my hobby of live action roleplaying lost one of the most colourful, lovely, caring people within it who was a Read more

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Quick check in

I was going to blog today but I am too angry with the world. 

That is not a cry for attention or overstating things, and if you feel I am too sensitive and need to toughen up – Read more

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End of first 4 weeks

So here we are, the end of the first four weeks of ‘sorting my health shit out’…

That phrase seems wrong, cumbersome, unbecoming but, until I come up with something more lyrical that’s what I’m calling it! 

I’m Read more

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