The Return of No More Mrs Fatty McFat

Well, hello there.

Welcome to No More Mrs Fatty McFat MK 2.

Having migrated the old blog to the business website, I realised I’d lost the login for the original No More Mrs Fatty McFat blog….and I’ll be damned if I can remember it.

Something I’ve noticed over the last few months is I need a place to vent that isn’t directly linked to my website. I mean, while some people will find my work of interest, not everybody does and I’ve rather missed not having to censor myself with blog writing as I used to back in the day.

And thus, Mark 2 of NMMrsFMcF was born! I’ve started putting some of the old blog posts into a book, in my normal for me ‘no fucking holds barred’ manner. Will it sell? Who knows and frankly I’m not that bothered if it hits the best sellers, or even if it actually gets published, it’s become quite a cathartic experience going back over old posts and adding new insight to them.  It’s been hilarious looking at how much my thinking has changed over the years, and how far my own knowledge has come along in such a relative short space in time.

However, this blog is now a place for me to… let loose.. shall we say.

For years I’ve been cooped up in the ‘but what will people think’ mindset and in the last five or six months I’ve come to the conclusion…why do I care? What is it about other people’s opinion that I care SO much about that I am willing to hide myself and censor myself to the point I don’t recognise me anymore? For any of you that have been following the blogs on the business page (no I’m not linking it, google it if you must), will have noticed that in the last few months or so I’ve finally become comfortable in my own skin and often talk of being unapologetically me. I tempered those posts because, well, it really only matters to me but I did enjoy having a place to vent, even if no one really reads it. 

So here it is, the new home for my personal thoughts and musings. I refuse to let other people’s opinions of ‘oooh you shouldn’t say that’ dictate what I want to say, and if you don’t like it….that’s perfectly fine too. 

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