Thank You!

Wow, I’m overwhelmed by the response the ‘My Weight Loss Story’ blog has had so far.

Thank you to everyone who’s read and commented. I wasn’t expecting quite the response it had/is having. To be honest I wasn’t really expecting any sort of response at all, so I’m a bit taken aback. Thank you again.

As anyone who has been fat and struggled with weight loss will attest to, it’s a very personal journey and not always one we are comfortable sharing with others, never mind whacking it up on the interweb for everyone you know (and a lot of strangers) to see. It only took a few days of writing and tweaking the first post, but days of ‘umm’ and ‘ahh’ to click the publish button. But I am very happy that I did and it is an enormous sense of empowerment for me.

What has been very interesting is the private messages of thanks that I have had from people, who have said that reading my story was as though they were reading their own feelings and thoughts about bulging waists etc. That the excuses and constant looking for ‘oh what now’ reasons as to why they can’t shift the weight were reflections of their own battles. That has been the most enlightening part for me, personally. I had guessed that I was not the only woman to have ever felt this way about my own body and I know there are equally just as many lads out there who feel likewise, but I was not expecting so many to share their stories with me. And I am honoured that they chose to do so, I hope it was cathartic for them and that their journey is a little less daunting than perhaps it first seemed.

I have been asked if I have all the answers… alas I don’t have all the answers, I have only my experience and the books, articles etc that I have read which I am more than happy to share.

I have also been asked if weight loss is different for everyone… well, it is and it isn’t. The science behind weight loss is the same for everyone. Everyone’s bodies burn fat/calories etc in the same way. BUT the journey of weight loss, through the minefield that is your own psyche…. THAT is utterly different for everyone.

What is a decent weight to be? Again that is something only you can decide for you. It’s about where you are happiest. I know that I will never be a size 10…. the only way that could happen is if they resized clothes. I know that according to that horrible and, in my non-expert opinion useless indicator of health, BMI, that I should be somewhere between 9 stone 6lbs (too thin for my shape and height) or 11 stone 2lbs (much more like it). I’m aiming for 10 stone 10lbs but would be very happy at 11 stone 7lbs as long as I’m toned and the best me that I can be. Incidentally I feel that BMI is too loose an indicator of health as some people are predetermined to have larger muscle mass. I know a rugby player who is ‘clinically obese’ according to BMI and he’s one of the healthiest, leanest and fittest people I know. However, having said that as a very rough guide it’ll do.

I’m in the process of putting the next blog together on the Science of Weight Loss, but once again thank you for all the comments. It’s been very much an eye opener for me and I’m really touched that it’s been so well received.

As for this weeks battle, I lost 3lbs (very chuffed). Have had a hiccup this weekend already and gorged on chocolate. I’m only human, and I will have crap days. But the plus side is that instead of eating half the bar and thinking ‘oh yes I will finish that and have another’, I ate half and promptly felt as sick as a sick thing on a sick day. But onwards and inwards…

Have a great week all and don’t worry if you, like me, have a lazy day and slip. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Put it down to one of those things, and then pick up where you left off the next day. That is a such a valuable lesson I learned this year. You are human, you will have days where you think ‘stuff it’ and then you will be down on yourself for not sticking to what ever plan you devised for yourself. STOP, ignore that negative demon voice that picks at you for ‘failing’. You haven’t failed, you’ve had a hiccup. Start afresh tomorrow or get in the gym, down the beach, to the park, wherever, just get active and burn it off. Either way, put a positive slant on it and go from there.

Have a fantastic week,

Much love


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