Slacking off and picking back up, Say goodbye to negative excuses – part 1!

Ok so I’ve been a little remiss these last two weeks.

Ok so I’ve been a little remiss these last two weeks. I’ve been lazy in recording my daily intake and have been to the gym four times in the last two weeks. Not good! However, I have been a very busy bee. Still that is no excuse, and that’s very much the theme for these next two blog entries.

So on with my self imposed weigh in and ‘excuses’ for being rubbish this week. I have gained two pounds… oh shock horror!

No I jest, it’s not that bad, it really could have been worse. Afterall I have gone from 13 stone 6 (the weight I was the week I started writing blog one, I weighed again before I published it) to 12 stone 13 since starting to share the blog with you, a full half a stone which is no small thing. I was 12 stone 11 two weeks ago but the last 2 weekends have been rather hetic, so I’m cutting myself a little slack.

The weekend before last, I was at one of my Live Action Role-Playing events and although the event was catered my portion sizing went out the window, I consumed a few ciders and I did nowhere near as much running about as I normally would. I also didn’t drink enough water…. in fact I think I had a 200ml bottle once the entire weekend so I was also dehydrated. I gained 3 pounds. I felt deflated after the event as usualy I lose weight at LRP.

But I looked at the things I did or didn’t do, and when I got home I readdressed the balance. I noted what I was eating, I weighed myself on the Monday and then again on the Thursday, and I had lost 2 pounds (now weighing in at 12 stone 12). So all in all I was more or less back to where I had been. And how did I do that, I hear you ask? Simply by ensuring I had enough water each day, stayed within my calorie allowance, and that I hit the gym twice that week. *pats self on head*

This past weekend, I was at a festival from the Thursday through to late on the Saturday night. I was there with the band as we were performing on the Thursday night and although this time, as I cooked, I maintained a firm grip on potion control, I didn’t maintain such a firm grip on my alcohol intake. But the other thing that I did ensure I continued to do was to drink plenty of water. On returning late on Saturday I was rather dispondant at how I was going to fayre on the scales this week. Last year at the same festival, when I arrived home I had gained 7 lbs in weight, so I was not looking forward to weighing in but it’s all to easy to just think ‘Oh one week won’t hurt’ and then not get on the scales. It’s a slippery slope backwards and I’ll be the first to say I’d be devestated to go back over 13 stone now.

Sunday I had a lazy day but I kept all nibbles to a minimum, had a late brunch (due to sleeping until 10:30am), had a roast chicken dinner in the early evening and lots of water. I got on the scales and had only gained a pound, which I know I can shift this week with lots of cardio and going back to accounting for my food again. I’m not happy that I’ve sort of stayed in the same area for the last few weeks but I have managed to do some damage limitation. I’m not excusing myself as I could have done a damn site better, and I should have stayed off the fermented apple juice (or at least had a better grip on how much I was consuming – as it’s not healthy whatever way you look at it) but I’m not going to beat myself up about it.

So I’m picking myself back up and getting back into the sadle, here is the plan for this week: I will ensure I maintain my diary, work out more than twice – that’s covered as not only do I have my PT session with Peter but I am also booked in for two sessions of BodyCombat this week for the first times since January (I have missed my combat sessions), I shall continue to follow the regime of drinking 2 litres of water before I leave work and I’ll leave the cider alone for a few weeks.

Instead of seeing the last two weigh ins as failures, and instead of clinging to the negative excuses of ‘But I’m so busy, I have no time’ etc, I am accepting that I have been lax and that’s OK. I know what I need to do to get that pound back off and hopefully it’ll take another pound with it as it goes. That little voice in my head is getting quieter it seems. A year ago I would have been depressed and angry about it all, swearing that I was giving up and never trying to lose weight again as what’s the point? Amazing what tiny little affirmations you make can lead to. It’s the whole, ‘out of tiny acorns grow great oaks’ saying I suppose. I guess what I’m trying to say is, the more you tell yourself that’ it’s OK you can come back from this, you can do something about it’, the more you will believe that it is true. And belief is one of the most powerful tools we have. Once you start to believe that you CAN do this, you will do it.

Anyhow, enough of my wibbling away today. The next part of this blog will be up soon and it will look at the very negative excuses I have used in the past and how I changed my thinking to make them work for me in a positive way.

Until then, be kind to yourself and have a fantastic week


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