Shaking Things Up!

I know, I know.  

I promise that I’ll be more diligent in posting on my blog then I disappear for four weeks without so much as a bye or leave.  Sorry, it’s been quite a busy time of late.  But I digress.

So this week I got on the scales and I’m finally in the bottom half of 12stone, just!  I’m currently at 12stone 6lbs and there is no room for complacency at all. No siree! If anything it’s time for me to ramp up the workouts and power through for these last 24lbs. I’ve sat down with my online diary and had a good look at where I’m encouraging a plateau as in all honestly I should have hit my goal weight LONG before now and for the last 6 weeks I’ve bounced between 12stone 9lbs and 12stone 6lbs.  As it turns out, I was averaging about 250cals per day OVER what I really should have been having for someone who works a desk job 5 days a week.

So I went back to the drawing board, reassessed my Basal Metabolic Rate, calculated a rough idea of how many cals I want to save a week to give me a 1 pound loss (3500 cals roughly) and now I’m making sure I eat back my exercise calories.  I’ve also changed the detailing on my diary to include sugar – and as I guessed correctly I’ve had too much sugar.  However, most of it is coming from fruit and fruit juice, so that’s not too bad.  I just need to be more mindful that I don’t add extra to it by ramping up the chocs again, which I have a danger of doing when I’m facing a lot of stress in the day job.  I have to face facts, this day job is stressful. End. Of. There isn’t much I can really do about that at the moment… well there is but that’s another blog for next week 😉  (yeah, yeah, I know it’ll probably take a month to write it. As the kids of today say, I R Rubbish)

I’ve found of late that I’m also being quite skittish in my thoughts and how I’m approaching things.  So I enrolled on a challenge to change how I approach things.  There is a fitness celeb (as always) in the USA called Chalene Johnson who hosts my latest at home work out addiction – TurboFire.  If you forgive the very American and schmultzy infomercial all I can say is that it’s amazing.  It’s Insanity and Body Combat combined into a 20 week programme.  I am so in love with this workout, it’s got moments of the HIIT of Insanity with focused sections of plyometrics and also combines the choerograhy and class feel of Body Combat that I adored when I was a regular at gym classes. So if you liked the gym classes and you can’t get there anymore for whatever reason, this is definately worth looking into. It’s not for everyone, granted and you will need to invest in resistance bands (but why wouldn’t want a portable weight training device anyway??).  But if it looks like your sort of thing, have a look around Amazon sellers as they sometimes have it in stock at half the price. Don’t go outside of Beachbody UK or Amazon though as they will more than likely be hookie copies and may not work on your DVD player, also they come with the risk of having no ‘money back guarantee’ alas.

On top of being a trainer, Chalene is also a motivational speaker and champion of the Carefuly Crafted and Diligently Maintained To Do List – the what??? I hear you say.  Yep a to do list that takes the pressure off and doesn’t set you up for failure unlike the conventional to do list, where you pile everything on and can’t possibly get it done.  Here’s the link to Chalene’s challenge sign up.  If you like to do lists, if you want to be more organised, if you want to realise how to move forward to your goals, if you just want to stop feeling like you’re getting nothing done…. SIGN UP.  You won’t regret it.  It’s changed how I attack each day and I have more confidence and more positivity in general with everything that I do.  As you know I champion Jillian Michael’s a lot, but for me Chalene has really struck a chord and I find how she teachs her fitness as well as her life coaching skills easily accessible and they resonate with me more. Check her out, her style may not work for you but it’s all worth looking at eh?

It’s changed how I attack things so much in this last month, that I now have a chart with blogs to write, what ideas I want to share, weekly updates on weight and how my mindset is, little things to include that might help you dear reader in your own journey.  It’s focused my own research into weightloss more. And you know what? It feels awesome to be so focused that even if topic A doesn’t go anywhere and topic B and C are looking sketchy more often than not a topic D will pop through that has elements of the others tucked in. More importantly I’ve learned something new and something exciting in the process.

Anyhow, that’s the round up of where I am so far. More positive, shaking things up a little and geting back into the habit of being more organised and more diligent in completing my diary and daily tasks. Heck I’m even scheduling my workouts to a specific time each day and that’s non negotiable….!!!

So have a great week all, log your food (all of it, every last mouthful and every last treat, as Steve Miller would say ‘little pickers wear big nickers’ I love that man), do your workouts and give yourself a great big pat on the back for being you. Celebrate the little things, find joy in the smallest thing when the dark starts to descend.  You are amazing, remember that!

And as always, be kind to yourself.

Much love