One month since self employment, challenges, and life in general.

So it’s been just over a month since I packed in the old 7:30-6 and became a full time personal trainer and I have to say I think it is the best idea I’ve ever had.

I am more focused now, more than I have been for a very long time. I have more energy, more spring in my step.  I am smiling more than ever and I am happier than I have ever been. It is amazing what giving up your job that you loathe can do for you.

I currently have a mix of PT and Pole clients and all of them are at different points in their progress, which keeps me on my toes to make their workouts as fun and as interesting as possible.  

The last I thing I want is for their hour with me to become samey. So I’m continuously researching ways to keep things interesting and it keeps it interesting for me too.  I tend to try all new exercises out on myself first, so I can really feel what’s working where, which in turn helps me to explain it better to my clients. It’s a win win really.  I am also very blessed that my clients are enjoying it, and keep coming back. They work hard and they make me very proud indeed.  Suffice to say, this is the best move I ever did and I love my job so much that it’s really not work any more.  There is no, ‘oh god I need to do this that and the other’, it’s more ‘ooh right, that could be interesting, let’s give that a try’.  Everything is brighter and generally more positive.

My eating patterns have been a little squiffy of late, and I have fantastic sweet tooth cravings again but I think this is due to the increase in my own training.  I am now able to train three times a week on pole techniques etc so my strength gains there should improve no end as well as regaining my confidence with tricks and inverts. I have also fallen back in love with running, probably helped by the fantastic weather we’ve had the last two weeks.  On top of that I’m doing some strength training (either at the gym or at home) three times a week and I’ve also added in 20 mins of flexibility every day while doing vocal exercises which is something I had been meaning to do but could never justify the time with the pressure of the day job. It is amazing the sense of freedom I now feel.

So with the running comes the challenge that is in the title of this ‘ere blog.  My bestie decided that, with all this running I’m now doing, he would throw down the gauntlet and challenge me to join him in the Nottingham Half Marathon in September. 

After talking to my physio and being further along the rebuilding road from injury than I thought I was, the physio has said there is no reason (unless my knee says otherwise during the training) that I can’t do the half marathon in 22 weeks time.  He also, after we initially thought June was too soon to attempt a 10km, has cleared me to do 10km at the start of July, again on the proviso that if my knee plays up I cease and drop back to where I was comfortable with my training and slow the increase in distance down.  The important thing that I needed to hear was when he commented, ‘You are a fitness professional and you know your body better than anyone else, I trust your judgement to be sensible.’ A timely reminder that I can’t push it too hard and that we all need to listen to our bodies as they will always tell us when something’s amiss.  He’s a top fella.  And it’s true, if I push my knee too fast too soon and the IT band irritation kicks in, I can’t work.  I won’t be able to demonstrate exercises, it will take at least 4 weeks for my knee to get back to full functionality so that I can demonstrate squats etc and at the moment the last thing I need is to not be able to work. So I’m being very sensible and I’ve managed to increase my distance to 4.35km without incident. *touches all available items made from wood*.  I am getting my own back on the best bud, and he has to join me in a obstacle course race. I’m thinking it might be too mean to get him to do the Spartan Beast (a half marathon with obstacles) but should he wish to embrace the challenge he’s welcome to join me…. *throws down my own gauntlet*.  

I will be running the Nottingham Half for Breast Cancer Campaign in honour of my cousin Mads who is doing well from her fight against breast cancer.   And as usual I’ll be running the Race for Life in July (this is my 10km race, possibly with CJ again or if she’s unable to make the same race she’ll be running the Cardiff 10km RFL) and I’ll be posting the links to the sponsor pages soon.

As for life in general, all is good.  I love my new career and have had a great session with one of my new clients this morning.  She’s done exceptionally well and was happy to give everything a try once.  I absolutely am in love with life at the moment.  I have some pole niggles I need to work out, still having issues with my confidence in my inverts that I really need to punch through and get to grips with (pun intended).  But otherwise, I am having a ball.  Next step is to start the bootcamp training sessions up in my local area, although I have since discovered that the seafront is awash with people doing bootcamps, so forest based bootcamps for my clients it shall be, should be fun either way.  And hopefully I’ll be doing some cover of classes for my local leisure centers.

As always, be kind to yourself, you rock!