Happy New Year 2012

Well a new year is upon us already, where the heck did 2011 go?

So Christmas wasn’t the big wash out and saboteur to my weight loss that it could have been.  Thankfully I have only put on 3 and half pounds over the entire 2 week period (I could have done better but hey ho I’m not going to bust a blood vessel, it’s Christmas after all).  I continued to log in to my online diary and although wasn’t as strict about logging everything, I did log most things and every day I was over and easting into my deficit.  However, I did manage to get in a number of workouts to really stem the tide of my hardest habit to break…..sugary treat snacking.

One day I will crack it, like everything it takes time and after 30+ years of sweet treat snacking, I’m not going to break it overnight.  This year though will be the year, oh yes.

So what does the new year bring?  Well if your neighbourhood is anything like where I live, then it brings an influx of weight loss product placement on the TV and umpteen flyers through the postbox of this diet and that diet. 

What is it about the New Year that sees lots of people start their resolutions with such vigour only to see them fall by the wayside within a matter of weeks? These resolution makers head to their local gym, sign up for membership with a contract that sees them tied in for that entire year, usually on an inflated price that they’re unaware of until they speak to people who joined in August of the previous year, which for the vast majority turns out to be money wasted as they let the gym slip by the way side within a month. They join diet programmes such as Weight Watchers or buy the Atkins Diet book, and go gung ho for the first two weeks.  They see the weight drop off for those first two weeks then the third week they lose a solitary pound.  Disappointment sets in, doubt about the programme takes over (rightfully so if you ask me but that’s an argument for anther blog), but with it doubt about their ability to maintain any weight loss indefinitely, the ‘I want Kate Moss’s body now’ syndrome kicks in and they throw all their diet books and gym clothes out in a fit of frustration and anger.  The new resolution is broken within a month, two if they are really determined to begin with but the plateau gets them in that second month.

The thing with the New Year Resolution is it’s a fleeting, ill thought out, set of unattainable goals set up with failure in mind.  How often do you hear people say, ‘This is my resolution, let’s see how long it lasts this year?’  Instantly defeatist.

Throw the New Year’s Resolution idea out first as last, go on be daring.  Get rid of that list of resolutions and start a list of goals that you really do want to achieve.  Things that you’ve been putting off and thinking ‘oh I’ll get around to it one day’.  Well, make that day today but don’t make resolutions. Make a plan. Goals are only attainable if you research your plan of attack, break the goal down in to manageable chunks and set yourself realistic benchmarks that you can happily achieve. Get yourself an A4 jotter book, something where you can keep all your goals and plan in one handy place and grab a pen.  Write down everything you want to achieve this year (no matter how crazy it is) and then plan your goals so that you can actually achieve them.  

For example, you want to lose 28lbs – ok so what do you need to do to do that.  You’ll need to look at your eating habits, so you’ll want to get a food diary.  You need to look at your exercise regime and the time you can fit it into your lifestyle. So you need to look at your weekly schedule and you need to find a time that it’s non negotiable.  You can’t lose weight through diet changes alone.  So you need to figure out if a gym is worth the cost or if you are determined enough to workout at home.  On the food front, you’ll need to look at ways to ensure you stick to your calorie deficit that you will work out through simple maths (instead of wasting money at a diet club). And you’ll also look at realistic goals.  Don’t think 2-3 lbs a week is going to happen every week.  Aim for a loss of say half a pound to a pound.  Anything above that is a bonus.  Look at things you can do at home and work to aid you in your new regime. And so and so earth.  write this all down in your jotter, then on the next page put the plan into a timeline of achievements. 

You see, the resolution is all very well and good, but the planned goal is a key for success.  So don’t set yourself up to fail, set yourself up to succeed.  And that’s something it’s taken me the best part of the last year to learn.  It’s a habit that has to be formed and it won’t happen overnight.  It never does.  But the thing is that anything worth doing will take a little time and a lot of effort, it makes the end achievement all the more sweet. 

So go set your goals, research your plan of attack and go get ’em.

Here’s to you continuing to be the best you that you can be in 2012.  Happy New Year and let’s do this.

Be kind to yourself
Much love, as always.