Challenge accepted

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So for those of you that read the blog, you will have seen that I’m taking up my own challenge for 12 weeks to improve my eating habits and fitness levels.

I know some of you may be thinking that there is nothing I could/need to change about my current habits but rest assured there are and most trainers fall into a habit of sorting plans and nutrition for their clients while sacrificing their own regimen. Well, I have fallen foul of that in the last few months since I started the business and it’s starting to show.  I feel lethargic, lacking in energy, motivation and my discipline has gone out the window with the chocolate wrappers that once held the bars I’ve been vehemently scoffing.

It’s time to reset and get myself back in order, after all I am my product and I can’t expect anyone to buy my services if I look all loose and floppy (these are highly technical terms, honest ‘guv!).

When I started the idea was not only to have the physical face to face side but also a virtual arm, where I could take on a small number of clients and give them something structured but with a degree of flexibility and be adaptable for their particular circumstances, as no two people are the same.  Of course this virtual system has to be put together and tested, tweaked and perfected, and so far it’s taken a bit of a back seat to the rest of the business while I concentrated on getting Forest Fitness and Pole Port Talbot up and running. At the same time, my own training schedule fell by the wayside even though I have had runs and OCRs to train for.  I have been more than lackadaisical. 

So today I put out the initial feelers for the first 12 week programme. The idea is that for 12 weeks, 12 participants will follow my plan, with some minor amendments to personalise the plans to each participant and for me to help them get back on track; with a view to really seeing a change in their lives in general, not just in their waistlines.  But as with all things I do, I’m not prepared to let someone do something I won’t. So instead of a focus group I’ve decided to do the challenge myself and blog, vlog and log about it to show how achievable it is.  Yes, I am putting my name to the test and why not?  I believe so much in what I do that I’m willing to put my own journey out there (or on here) for everyone to see, similar to when I first started this blog. I’m just going to put this here, first as last, that there will not be any meal replacement shakes, or ‘nutritional’ shakes included in this plan. I firmly believe that with the correct planning and education you can maintain a well balanced diet and a single multi-vit tablet is just as good if you are deficient in any nutrients and aren’t able to get them from your food.  Just to be clear 🙂

So here goes!

I believe that the weighing scales are purely an indicator of our relationship with gravity. Most people don’t believe that I am over 11 stone in weight when I tell them, but it’s true. I’ve got good muscles 😉 but I do have a higher than I would like body fat percentage (currently at 28%) and my waist to hip ratio is slightly higher than the recommended number.  So this is where I want to focus my attention and fat loss is what we’re always aiming for. There is a phrase I’ve just used that is key to this, ‘higher than I would like”, this is important because fat loss and healthy living is about the person on their journey and how they feel.  So I’m really not bothered what happens on the weight side of the issue, for me personally it’s more about the hip to waist ratio and body fat percentage going down.  If I lose a few pounds in the process, I’m not complaining but I don’t want to lose muscle, as muscle is most definitely the fountain of youth.

My starting stats:

Weight – 162.2lbs

Waist – 35 1/4 inches
Hips  – 41 3/4 inches (giving a waist:hip ratio of 0.87)

Body fat percentage – 28.30%

I will be on week 8 of the challenge when it officially launches, so as I work towards the launch I will do an update of my stats every fortnight as well as blogs and vlogs in between, so you can see how I get on. It’s going to be an interesting experiment and one that I hope will inspire 12 souls to embark on and let me help them show them what they can achieve.

So until the next blog, be kind to yourself always, YOU ROCK!