All progress, no matter how small, is progress

So I thought I would post an update on how I’m doing with the challenge while I continue to write the information/routines/etc for the challenge proper as it has become known in my workings.

So I thought I would post an update on how I’m doing with the challenge while I continue to write the information/routines/etc for the challenge proper as it has become known in my workings.

In my last post I said this was was going to be an interesting time for me personally, due to how manic it’s going to get while I get the challenge up underway as well as go through it myself, and September has proven to be a bitch of a month already.

While I have yet to film any of the workouts, I have done the bare bones of the routines, and am fine tuning them ready to film them – plus I have the arduous task (not really but I like that word) of listening to reams of rock and metal to use as the background music to get the people who will be undertaking the challenge pumped.  I really hope the music I’m picking will work for them as much as it works for me.

The end of the first week of my personal challenge saw me attend my hobby weekend of live action roleplay and usually I partake in far too much alcohol, but this year I was very well behaved on that front.  Also due to not being a staff member this year, I no longer have access to a kitchen so was forced to improvise as best as possible while still having to venture to the burger van in the evenings for dinner. Not ideal but when that is the only food vendor on site you have no other choice really.
The plus side of the hobby, is the amount of running around that is undertaken when in game. It can be none stop walking from game start at 10am to finish at 2am. I was thrilled to do a number of hill sprints and not have any niggles from the old IT Band.  It feels wonderful to be back to full strength after a year and half.

Last weekend also saw the start of my Spartan season, with the Cambridge Sprint.  I did full review of the race for those wonderful folk over at Mudstacle.  Their site is well worth checking out if you fancy doing obstacle course racing/mud runs. OCRs genuinely put the fear of the gods into me.  I have no idea what’s coming up in the way of obstacles, I just know I’ll be tested.  I also know that the terrain can be damned tricky to run on and I’m always wary of turning over on my ankle. The race was good fun, it always is, even when I arrive with a knot in the pit of my stomach and all rationale telling me to get in the car and just go home. But if I listened to that voice, I wouldn’t be doing the job I do now… so!

The one thing I do need to invest in somehow is a rope to climb, but my ceilings are low so it wouldn’t work in the house gym.  No I need a rope climb somewhere where it’s going to challenge, so I may have to chat to the boys at the gym I attend.  This weekend the band has a gig in County Durham, and the morning after we are racing in Yorkshire. So another busy weekend ahead. And while I am off on the road I thought I would do an update with where I am at the ‘almost’ 3 week mark.

So the ‘almost’ 3 week stats:

  • Waist 34 1/4 inches (loss of 1 inch)
  • Hips 40 inches (loss of 1 3/4 inches)
    • Ratio: 0.85 (down from 0.87)
  • Weight 159.4lbs (loss of almost 3lbs)

I’m not going to test my body fat until week 8 as I require the help of one of my fellow PTs to do the caliper measurements for me. But all in all for just under 3 weeks that’s not a bad at all.  I’m very chuffed with that. As I stated before, for me this challenge isn’t about weight loss it’s about fat loss and building my strength.  So it’s all going in the right direction, which gives me great hope for how my challengers are going to do if they work at it.  And that, I suppose is the crux, even though I’ve had a weekend where my options weren’t the best they could have been I’ve still maintained the programme I set myself for the most part, and the poof is in the results.

I will probably do a week six update, although I may just post my stats a week Monday when I return from Scotland to see how I’m continuing.

Until then, if you want more information about the challenge then please see the blog and sign up to be the first to know when registration opens.

As always be kind to yourself,